Paramount Builders & Design is an authorized building supplier and installer for Federal Steel Systems and has been proudly serving Grande Prairie for over 20 years.

Paramount Builders & Design offer complete construction services of metal buildings in Grande Prairie.

Experience The Advantages & Savings

According to Federal Steel Systems, by choosing a metal building in Grande Prairie, you can save 30% on insurance costs versus other building types. Insurance is generally reduced because metal buildings are less susceptible to damage via pests and termites, fire, wind, and mould, to name a few.

Prefabricated metal buildings in Grande Prairie offer a long list of advantages over traditional bricks and mortar buildings. In fact, the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a metal building versus a traditional wood or concrete building can be significant both up-front and in the long run.

Metal Buildings Offer an Uninterrupted Floorplan

A metal building typically does not have columns. Paramount Builders can construct a metal building on your property in Grande Prairie with a clear span of 300’ wide. In other words, the floor of your metal building will very likely have no permanent obstacles within its walls. How’s that for versatility?

Imagine placing inventory or machinery wherever it makes the most sense, optimizing your storage capacity and streamlining your processes. And just think: no forklifts or jitneys hitting columns!

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